Copper Crystal Spiral Wood Wands

Designed and Crafted by

R. Neville Johnston


These Zero Point energy devices are used to translate the entire potential of one’s auric field into a single point.   The copper and wood conduct your energy into the crystal where it comes to a laser like focus.


The wood used is years in its growth and takes about another year to cure.  The copper is carefully worked into the spiral left by the honeysuckle vine.  The crystal is rarefied and comes from the Diamantina mind in Brazil.  They are commonly called "singing" crystals.  They make a very pleasant tone when struck gently with a fellow crystal.  This device is a powerful trinity. 


The ritual use starts with a clear decision.  A situation, a person or a compass direction is chosen to clarify the focus.  Standing and with a whip like motion one snaps the wand.  Length of time to manifestation varies.






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