Living in the ‘Now’

There is a lot written about living in the “NOW”. It makes sense, we would love to do it and it is very inspiring. It is funny how this concept of living in the now, is one of the very things we put off! We think, “when I retire, on my day off, when the prestentation is done, when I’m out of this traffic…”. But being present in this now, involves permission and trust. Permission to not be prepared and trust that that can never truly happen.

Being prepared is something that we put ourselves through a great deal of stress about. If we aren’t one step ahead, we may miss an opportunity, something important will slip by. But the truth is that all opportunity exists not in the ‘step ahead’, but in the ‘right now’. Even if it looks like something slipped by, consider it a Universal edit and the very best thing that could have happened in the larger picture. Remember, permission and trust. You do not require anyone else’s permission and trust, just yours. Go ahead and make every moment a vacation. After worrying about tomorrow and lamenting yesterday, living with what is, is a vacation!

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