Love is…

In searching for a synonym for love, and after years, I came up with one. It is not a real word and yet it is a synonym. It is “risk.” I taught this for years, to hear someone say, “Risk is Love.” (Cathartic)

My next on the list is that power and love are the same thing. Witness that were some one to return love for anything that happened to them, they would be the most powerful person on Earth, invulnerable in a real sense and indefatigable.

Since everything is in a trinity, the third entry would be “everything,” (is love.) Sequentially then the “Universe” is another listing.

I put it to you, what is another synonym for Love?


  • ALL is the only word that comes to mind because it includes everything, hate, nothing, and everything else that is limitless and beyond our senses and understanding at present in this form in this incarnation

    and then eye saw this artwork by a 19 year old female artist from hong kong which works for me

    and of course, eye like and agree with everything that gibran says out love in the prophet

    ~ aurelia


  • about

    says about love in the prophet


  • Greetings Neville from your old friend Laurel
    Discovered TTV on itunes and enJOY the podcast weekly
    Love the show and your work with Mary!
    everything is a trinity?
    Of course, you are right, as you say in this blog
    i keep getting father son & holyghost as that is programmed in
    Will you elaborate on your understanding of your trinity wisdom?
    THANKS to you and Mary for all your work!
    profound fun and compassionate
    hey, a trinity
    Peace and Love,

  • The whole name may then be..
    “The universal power of everything”.

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