Naive & Amateur

R. Neville Johnston

In meditation there is one spot in deep deep space to which I was drawn. Daily I would visit this place. It seemed to be void of even atoms. In this peace, this quiet, one day, I had the realization that this place, like all the rest of the universe was, well me. I had an equal epiphany about it when I came to know that I could not be separate from it. It was found instantly after this. A different relationship smithed with it. I recognized it as my “Primary Self.” We’ve had years of conversation.

My primary self communicated that this was the part of me that had made the decision to separate from God, but had not yet made the decision to incarnate. Every day I would ask it to teach me something, still daily. A bit of the fruit from this magnificence is that: the more loving we are the more powerful we are. In fact the most loving person on Earth would be the most powerful person. Contrary to society’s teachings eh? Still it is true.

Which brings me to the point of this particular writing. To wit, we call someone that retains this child like ability to be loving, naive. We seem to take it to task to break the heart on anyone this naive. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.

Our second word is amateur. This originally (French) meant someone who did things for the love of doing them. How naive. By the way in doing something for the love of doing it your heart is leading you. Again how naive. Yet this is exactly what we all seek. Well, allot of us.

As soon as one’s heart is broken we loose naiveté. Along with the ability to love and like rats deserting a sinking ship we enter a state of watching out for number one. Along with this may go our status as an amateur. Once we have lost our amateur on board, we are then referred to as a professional. Other monikers include, a cold heartless bastard, and this is wether or not your parents were married. The lack of naiveté is called maturity.

So I put to you the questions: What are you going to do about it? What will you teach our children?


  • eye will teach my children (including anyone younger than me, my inner child, and all others in a position of “learning” – as in students remembering in this lifetime) that which eye model (let it be consciously created)… and will hold my thoughts and place my sacred attention on that which eye believe are more loving (which beliefs are consistently upgrading)… to place into motion that the only thing more powerful than walking my talk is walking my talk without having to talk the walk (eventually loud enough so that many may hear)… and then as eye/we (one and the same) quiet our minds (meditate, become naive again), we will hear our hearts speaking to us… and quite naturally be (and thus do) that loving… more abundantly so that christmist is everyday and our only gift is presence… now… and now… and now…

  • “When I became a man I put away childish things,” said author C.S. Lewis, “including the fear ofchildishness and the desire to be very grown up.” May we adopt that attitude and play with greater intensity, more frequency and a heightened imagination… when realizing our adult dreams, we can apply this knowledge to recreate our childhood wisdom on a higher octave. (adapted from a Rob Brezsny newsletter.)

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