The Dysfunctional Family of Humanity

The essence of a true healing as it is here at the beginning of the second decade of the twenty-first century is for someone to hold in their mind’s eye, the updated idea of a particular person. This healee then agrees, by their choice, to assume their divine template and this individual therefore miraculously transforms. A few weeks back in the dysfunctional environment and they revert to their original defect, most often. A percent of the time the fix holds and to some degree they begin the process for others around them. Still we are progressing slowly.

First of all: We don’t have to have someone hold our essence, we can do it for our selves. We can make this very same decision to assume our divine template and therefore transform our selves and our lives. The petard is living amongst the others of us who view skeptically, if at all, our metamorphosis.

This environment is a program running. Like any computer program there is a delete key. This key to our conundrum is not more healers, it is changing the basic language in which we think. When we are dumped back into the day to day with its disempowering thought forms and its caustic effects we can adapt by translating these barbs into wisdom directly. Change the language we think in and we change ourselves!

Go to and get a copy of “Hidden Language Codes.” Begin to change the way in which thought happens in your own mind. When you feel ready get a copy of “Eleven Self-Empowerment Protocols.” This book will open the ideas of no longer thinking in polarity and thus living exclusively in duality and beginning the process of having a mind that thinks in trinities. Strangely enough both books were written by the author of this article, R. Neville Johnston. Now you think you know why this was written, true enough that is one reason. Another correct answer is that I’m looking for a little company and a third correct answer is to assist hupersonity to a higher level of consciousness.

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