Law of “Distraction”

There is a lot written on the subject of the “Law of Attraction”, stating how we harmonize things to us according to what we think and speak. So in order to ‘attract’, we ‘distract’ ourselves from thoughts and words that would hold back the manifestation with our ‘positive’ visualizations.

For the most part, this concept is very true, but there is more to it. In order to reach true attraction, we must also heal any conflicts within. For instance, you can think and say that you win the lottery all day long, but if you don’t really believe that you can, you will emit this signal as well. And as a result, will sometimes get what we envision and sometimes not. I have found that if we bring this inner voice into true harmony, there is no necessity for the distraction tactics such as vision boards or affirmations of the desired thing because the signal is clear, constant and in alignment.

Inner exploration and balancing is not hard, it is not time consuming, it isn’t a struggle. Inner healing is about bringing into harmony all fractured views and outlooks. It is about becoming at one with yourself and accepting who you are unconditionally. There is no part of anyone of us that is valueless or wrong. The things that seem that way are really just the parts that we have cast aside. And being set out like that, will continue to pursue us in the form of external events until we let it back in. Once let back in, it becomes whole within us.

If you haven’t done so, decide to begin the inner journey or decide to continue it if you have. Step number one, love and accept yourself unconditionally. Getting in harmony with yourself is really the only journey in town.

In Joy,


  • Jacqueline DuBois

    Mary, you are a clear channel and an excellent teacher. Neville is as well and I deeply appreciate your service of joy to the whole! Love and Bless Bless, J

  • yes, that’s the key: embracing ALL that is… our egos, our fears, our EVERYTHING, without judgment

    and yes, if we are not attracting that which we believe is to unfold, eye think it is only common sense that resistance lurks beneath the surface

    for me, being a very visual person, the vision boards are very handy tools to remind me to offer the vibration that matches my desire — whether that board is in my head/my mind’s eye or literally in front of me on the wall, eye like to keep it in front rather than behind or underneath

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