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My latest book has come out. It’s called The Dreamist. It’s set at the turn of the 21st Century. Lets get a little perspective…

If this were the year 1900… You may have heard of the automobile. You may even know someone who has seen one. The telephone is about to come along. Electric light, the Radio and the Airplane will soon become part of life.

We are now standing in the second decade of the new millennium. What’s it going to look like at the turn of this century?

Think about it. The war on Terror becomes the Dreaming Wars. In the 2050’s someone invents technology that allows us to project our thoughts into a holographic matrix. A great boon to civilization. At the party to celebrate the successful demonstration of this device, its inventor passes out from inebriation and as a joke one of the assistants straps it onto his head. He projects some of the oddest dream images ever seen outside of the world of the unconscious. Twenty years later it’s a game show. This is where The Dreamist begins.

If you are interested in a signed copy, get in touch at otherwise Amazon, Barns and Noble or Author will provide you with assistance. My Gratitude, Neville

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