The Insanity Game

The world we live in, our society is one of madness. For aeons, psychologists have pointed out that the first step is to admit it. Once we can admit it, it no longer controls us, we don’t resist it. Lets face it every last one of us is insane. This is to varying degrees, of course. The second step is to allow this fact and voila we are in a position to change. So lets play the game, “Name Your Insanity!”

I’ll go first, and with great resolve I will admit that I have the idea that I’m perfect, know all the answers, and of course have incarnated on a planet of drunken howler apes, as the best possible therapy for a deep seeded ennui. The only external proof of it I have is the literary reference in Edward Gory’s, The Fatal Lozenge: An Alphabet, specifically, N is for Neville Who Died of Ennui.

Ready to play the game? Then what is your insanity? Just approaching it from this angle will make our world a saner place to be. In the event that you choose it, Thanks for commenting!

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  • My external proof is the literary reference in Roy Feinson’s Secret Universe of Names, specifically the AR (in Aurelia, my name, that’s the predominant sound bite) witch states that eye am not particularly arrogant, in fact, eye can be quite approachable, that it’s simply that eye am quite certain that eye am a little bit better than everybody else, yet eye am more than willing to forgive an indiscretion committed by a critic, because, after all, anyone except an AR can have a bad day. Besides, it goes on to state, ARs are relentlessly distracted, proud and flighty. Sounds like a drunken howler ape to me.

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