Yin/Yang of Relationships

The universal force of yin/yang sometimes pulls us close together for great purposes and other times pulls us apart (also for great purposes). If you are in a phase of external expansion, embrace it and enjoy those you walk with. Likewise, if you are on the road of internal expansion, embrace this and honor the closeness with self.

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  • I am a 56 year old x-hippie and cancer survivor that has traveled the astral plane and I now live alone on a mountain top in S.E Kentucky. I am studying Buddha, Krishna and Christ and have had wonderful experiences with them both inward and in this pysical world. I just discovered you and Nevelle and I want to say I love the show and both of you. I am happy, safe, and very blessed by God and I Send you love and Blessings, Hari Krishna, Love John Steven Meadows

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